Who are we?

About Us
Bilateral Semite- sap Limited, is a duely constituted company incorporated in Kenya under registration number (C 119613), located in the port city of mombasa Kenya. Our headquarters is situated at  at Faiz Ali Building, Nkurumah road Mombasa Kenya
Our core business function is the provission of multimodal freight forwarding , shipping and associated logistics serrvices to our clients.

Our Team:
We take pride in our team of highly qualified, experienced and mortivated staff, from the top most chief executive officer to the lowest rank, we have an established tradition of unity, hardwork and professinal approach to business . Our business and human resource management policies have been thefoundation upon which our success is derived from .see more on our organization structure and csr policies respectively.

Our purpose
We aim to establish an effective bridge in the cargo supply chain industry with emphasis on quality, cost effectiveness and reliability.

Our deep roots in clearing and forwarding in Kenya give us unparalleled advantage in the market place and are the foundation for our future growth. We will bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to your organization unreservedly whenever called upon.

We know out long term success in the industry requires a total commitment to exceptional standards of performance and productivity, to working together effectively and to a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously.

We believe that to succeed we required the highest standards of corporate behavior towards our employees, clients and the societies in the market place.
This is bilateral Semite – Sep Ltd road to sustainable, profitable growth for our business and in the future for our employees and clients.

 We recorded the following good management indicators for the year 2009 as below:-

  . Working ratio 0.44
. Current ratio 7.76
. Debt ratio 100.87%
. Solvency ratio 1.04
. Average receivable collection period 43.94
. Average payable payment period 20.72

Business Strategies

Bilateral Semite-sap Limited has the opportunity of penetrating the market in Kenya and landlocked countries. Our position is guaranteed by the quality of our services, skills, business acumen of our company directors, the quality and skills of our suppliers, and the honesty and the trust our customers place on us.

At our offices, the quality and standard of customer care is excellent. Indeed the marketing theme of our services is providing quality services at affordable rates in a relaxed and environmentally friendly atmosphere. The staff is employed and trained in line with this strategy. Any complaints by the customer is quickly looked into and addressed. This strategy has proved to attract and retain customers as well as more jobs.

Bilateral Semite-sap Limited has committed to maintain the high quality standard and will continue to engage scientific methods of quality survey, remediation and improvements.

Bilateral Semite-sap Limited has also committed to employ skilled and experienced professionals to direct process re-engineering so that we can continuously meet our client demands and needs with innovative solution. Our goal is to take a cautious expansionist strategy of 5% per quarter in market acquisition.

We are in the process of designing a performance contract for Top Management to grow market cover by 5% every quarter. The aim is to stimulate growth to sales and operations and hence help consolidate our market.

Our Mision & Objective:
To be the company of choice to customers in provisions of intergrated freight logistics, shipping and procurement services.

Our Vision:
Our commitment to provision of quality, reliable and cost effective services will be the hallmark in which to build our reputation as the finest shipping and freight logistics company in East and Central Africa