Corporate Social Resposibilities:


Bilateral Semite-sap Limited consider corporate social responsibility as a very important and integral part of its operations. Considering that clearing and forwarding companies are not only responsible for their services, but also for the voluntary minimum standards in a number of suggested areas for integrating CSR, such as;

  • Fundamental rights.
  • Continuous training of staff and management.
  • Health and safety for management, staff and customers.
  • Good relations with local community.
  • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination.
  • Conducive working conditions and work organization.
  • Fair play in awarding of contracts in procurement, restructuring business relations and choice of suppliers.
    Our CSR initiatives are jointly undertaken by management, employee representatives and trade unions.


Bilateral Semite-sap Limited is one institution that scribes to proper environmental management practices within and out of our workplace.
The company is committed to conservation of nature and protection of the ozone layer to reduce global warming. We always strive to maintain a clean environment.

Sustainable Resources:
We only use sustainable energy sources for our work. We mainly use electricity and gas.

We endeavor at all times to work with suppliers who are keen in embracing environment friendly practices in their policies. Our quality officers choose our suppliers under scrutiny to ensure they are companies that adhere to strict environmental control programs and give back to the community through corporate social responsibility programs.

Human Resources
As mentioned above, our qualified and experienced staff will be at your service. Bilateral Semite-sap Ltd maintains strong procedural recruitment and staffing policy that is adhered to in order to maintain high levels of professionalism and discipline.

Bilateral Semite-sap Limited periodically organize internal trainings for staff to enhance employee performance and grow individuals in the company. We believe in team, work and as such bilateral Semite-sap Limited has a policy to undertake team building exercise to address employee issues as they arise. Our office is equipped with necessary first aid equipment and staffs have adequate insurance cover.
The policy of the company is to have a well remunerated work force whose welfare is well taken care of. We start by employing only qualified staff.
The company is registered with NSSF and pays monthly employee deductions and contributions.
We are also registered with NHIF.

Health and safety
We are committed to the safety of the staff and our customers. We have a workman compensation insurance policy and the staffs are also provided with protective clothing. A well stocked first aid kit is maintained in the office.
The company carries out frequent medical check up for the management and staff.

Qualitry Assurance
Bilateral Semite-sap limited aims to remains the number one choice of our customers and prospective clients. We maintain high quality services to our customers so as to meet and exceed their expectations at the same time demand similar efforts from our suppliers. Bilateral semi-sap Limited is a responsible trader and shall engage both the customers and suppliers for quality product in line with the prevailing market conditions.

Specific Tasks
Shall undertake tasks to ensure that the company’s goods are cleared and forwarded without undue delay.Shall ensure completion and processing of all necessary forms including but not limited to customs Forms C17.
Shall closely monitor security bond consumption and notify the company when nearing depletion.
Shall liaise with customs officers to ensure that bonds are cancelled in time to avoid penalties and other losses.
Shall ensure that copies and/or records of export documents are maintained for audit purposes.
Shall respond to all customs queries regarding documentation of removals with copies of correspondence to the company.
Shall advise the company on all matters relating to clearing and forwarding of imports and exports and ensure good working relationship with the department of customs and Excise.
Shall prepare and submit reconciliation payment which is verified by customs.

Hospitality Services
Shall offer clearing and forwarding services by processing documentation through customs and exercise, Kenya Railways on instructions from the company.
Shall offer clearing and forwarding services to affiliates in neighboring countries including but not limited to Uganda, Southern Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Djibouti etc.